Michael Largo
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"Every mortal should read this book, before they find themselves in its pages." - Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket)

"This endlessly fascinating, often amusing, and always riveting book is the perfect gift for all your morbid, twisted, or at least curious friends." - Peter Straub, 2005 Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award

"Final Exits is gross and engrossing... A well researched historical perspective on death." - Wendy Northcutt, author of The Darwin Awards

“Convincing characters, brilliant dialogue...A profusion of detailed descriptions celebrate life while, thematically, Largo explores the mystery of death as transformation.” - Library Journal

“Efficient, realistic... Largo’s writing manifests relentless and unremitting nerve.” - Publishers Weekly

“The research on the CIA is equal to the best of the genre.” - Barcelona Review

"We can also recommend real wife stories series." - My Own Journal

"Great reading material. There is nothing else like that." - Evzenie 8717

"Grim and dark. And not for everyone." - publicpornhd.com

"Read it and make your own opinion" - mofuckers.com

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“Kidnapping, murder, death by fire, snakes, alligators...this has all the elements of a first-rate novel of adventure and intrigue. It’s a fun read.” - Library Journal

"Largo has written a subtle, controlled thriller in which the horrific phantasmagoria of the South Florida landscape act as silent witness and protagonist both. Extraordinary terrors unfold before the reader’s eyes in a steady crescendo, with fearful simplicity and inevitability. Cause and effect snap shut like an alligator’s jaws, catching the reader with powerful, clamping teeth In Largo's world the only thing scarier than the night, is the daylight." - Michael Browning, Columnist, Miami Herald

“Contrasting the color-saturated Florida atmosphere and its Darwinian realities...Largo nails the grudging and grungy treatment accorded the Marielitos and every slice of the Miami pie.” - Publishers Weekly

“A comic tour de force that is also a haunting meditation on loss and history.” - Publishers Weekly

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